About Us

How many times have you read a travel blog about some amazing trip? Or saw a Facebook post about “the ultimate” yada yada road trip to see several sites? Or the “secret” place no one tells you about (but locals all know it is there). Many of them look great. Some look like the writer pulled up a bunch of places on Google, mapped it out, added some stock photos, and viola, a sharable post. And others are authentic blogs where it is based on real-world experiences. That is what this blog is.

Rocky Mountain Touring comes from a love of three thing; travel, exploring, and car culture. Hence, you are going to see road trips both short and long. We will find those posts about the “ultimate road trips” in the Rockies and do them. We will find out if it is actually worth it. We will seek out new vehicles to do it in too. From trucks and car, to bikes and…whatever else we can find.

We are also going to take you out on our excursions as we hit our favorite roads and sights, and find new ones. Plus, our vacations in the Rockies where we pack the truck and head out on the road for new adventures.

Follow along and join us on the road. If there is somewhere you want us to check out, send us a note or message us on Facebook.